Esu: The Most Misunderstood Entity in the Universe (English Edition)


Esu: The Most Misunderstood Entity in the Universe is a masterwork. Wondrously written and illustrated by Darren Lopez and Eddaviel, this immersive work eloquently colors the many shades of the great Yoruba orisha, Esu. One of the more revered and sometimes feared orishas in the pantheon, Lopez and Eddaviel artfully illustrate how this swank trickster of the crossroads, whose powers have captivated West Africa and the Americas, is here to help us be our better selves. Shared simply, artfully, with Esu’s trademark humor and irony, this amalgamation of stories and morality tales are ideal for the newcomer and the elder alike.

Ytasha L. Womack, Author of Afrofuturism: The World of Black Sci Fi & Fantasy Culture


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Esu’s bold character, his open heart, and his creative mind are the triple jewels that shine throughout this sumptuously visual text. Elegba does what he does best through the author and illustrator -he smashes through ignorance, educates, and draws you onto the road of discovery. This book is for anyone wishing to gain insight into the plural worlds of the orisa and to experience the manifold stories that these living deities embody.

Martin Tsang
Ph.D., Olorisha, anthropologist, librarian and curator.


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