SOMNIUM: The Book of Dreams and Nightmares

One Night Only– ArtScene Showing

Travel back in the current of time to experience the 2022 SOMNIUM show one more time before it is vaporized into the myth of memory. Explore the world of dreams and nightmares again, or discover the magic of the award-winning new media public art production SOMNIUM for the first time.

Somnium: The Book of Dreams and Nightmares opens the door of your senses, drawing you into an immersive, transportive multimedia exploration of a dark, deep and surreal world inside the subconscious. Join extremophile minds from across the world for an unforgettable journey through the corridors of creation: shadow and light, desire and repulsion, evolution and arrival.


CREATED AND DIRECTED by Eddaviel Montero and Emily Klonicki

MURAL AND INSTALLATION DESIGN Eddaviel Montero STORY Emily Klonicki, Odilius Vlak MUSIC AND VOICE Raymond Jáquez ANIMATION Jason Judd, Iga Puchalska, Eddaviel Montero PROJECTION MAPPING Jason Judd, Iga Puchalska, Bill Houtkamp FLOW ARTS AND DANCE CHOREOGRAPHY Zach Stephens, Gretchen Stark, Ella Lakey, Faith Minneyfield VIDEOGRAPHY Alizé Jireh, Raymond Jáquez, Eddaviel Montero SOUND AND PRODUCTION ENGINEERING Bill Houtkamp, Zheka Fedoseyev MURAL AND INSTALLATION ASSISTANCE Jenny Mathews, Valentina Fedoseyeva, Ritchie Wai, Randy Mermel GRAPHIC DESIGN, WEBSITE AND ADVERTISING Hector Montero, Eddaviel Montero, Emily Klonicki, Jessie Crow Mermel PHOTOGRAPHYEddaviel Montero, Ritchie Wai, Jessie Crow Mermel, David Varble

The work of students who participated in the Rockford Area Arts Council SPARK! Build SOMNIUM Art Internship camp and supporting artists Jenny Mathews, Evgheniy and Valentina Fedoseeva, Melinda Cook, Ritchie Way, Eammon James, David Varble, Ever Ryan Pérez, Jessie Crow Mermel and Randy Mermel and our community supporters: Tony Gasparini, Rockford Art Deli, Prairie Street Brewhouse and Bubble Hive.

  • Date : April 21 2023
  • Time : 9:30 pm (America/Chicago)
  • Venue : 715 North Madison Street, Rockford, IL, USA

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