A think tank and publishing house for those selected minds fond to adapt themselves to the most extremophiles conditions of the imagination. Our Omega Point will be a neuronal network of minds with similar God like creative ambitions. Such minds are driven by speculative ideas. Their synaptic processes adopt visual and textual characteristics of science fiction, fantasy, horror, eroticism, the occult…


Declassification II: A Guazabara Against the Martians

Case of the Martian Invasion in 1492: A Guazabara Against the Martians. Here the Second Part of our Creative Nonfiction article covering the inauguration of the Extremophile Caribbean Congress. The first of its nature celebrated in Dominican Republic…
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A Teteo in Freakyland

This text is our first Fiction Review. An imaginative exploration of the book Dominican Splendours by the Dominican artist and writer, Vladimir Velázquez. Written in a Spanglish style, due to the street argot used by the author in many of the original tales. We considered useless to add a glossary explaining the Spanish words and phrases. That would take off from the reading experience its EXTREMOPHILE quality...
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Edgar Allan Poe

A sleepwalker addicted to Poe

The sentence was: "That what was read awakened, be live through in dreams." He accepted it after hearing, a given day of his solar existence, a shadowy voice swears: "To read Poe is an extremophile experience, but nothing compares to dream it." So, the creepy tome titled Deadly Extremophile Stories by E. A. Poe, very soon found its way into the necromancer's cauldron...
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